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talesoficontest's Journal

Tales of series icontest
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Tales of ... Icontest
to talesoficontest, a weekly icontest dedicated to all Tales of series. If you're a fan of it and love to make icons, joining the community perhaps might be a good idea.

• You have to become a member of talesoficontest in order to participate.
• Members may submit up to 3 icons. Unless specified.
• You may only use official images, no fanart/doujinshi/cosplay images are alowed.
• Icons must meet LJ requirements (100x100 max, 40KB max, PNG, JPG or GIF)
• All entries have to stick with the themes and icon(s) have to be freshly made.
• No Adult contain please, respect other members.
• DO NOT submit others' icon(s), which means, submit the icon(s) that you made.
• You are not allowed to advertise your icon(s) until the winners have been announced.
• Have fun, best wishes and enjoy!
Please submit all your entries in the following format :

Series: Tales of Destiny 2
Community icon by adrastea

• DO NOT vote your own icon(s).
• DO NOT tell your friends to vote for your icon(s).
• DO NOT make multiple accounts and then vote your icon(s).
• DO NOT vote for the same icon(s), unless specified.
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